QuickSilver Lite
 An OPEN SOURCE Win32 Mixmaster Remailer Client
 for windows 2000/xp/vista/win7/win8/win10 & linux/wine

This is the official QuickSilver Lite download site. Though QSL can be distributed by anyone who cares to, you can be assured that this site provides the most recent version and that these files have not been modified or otherwise tampered with, by other parties. For a summary of features see this page: QuickSilver Lite Features.

After you install QSL, take a look at the QuickStart in the program Help.

LINUX: QSLite will run on LINUX with WINE. Click here for important info before downloading.

FOR NYM FUNCTIONS: This program requires QuickSilver Aam version 0.9b09 or higher. See 'Nyms' in the program QuickStart.

The file you want is: QSLite-1.1.4.exe

OpenSSL NOTICE ***************************

Recent changes to OpenSSL require that if you use both QSL and QSA, you will
need to update both programs.



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 NOTICE: New PGP Key (05-02-2017)

The files with exe extension are self extracting executables. They simply extract to the path given—either default (c:\qsl\) or that desired by the user. No registry or start menu entries are made. The files with zip extension are the same program, sans self-extractor. These can be manually unziped to any directory you wish. The sig files are PGP detached signatures and can be downloaded and checked against the corresponding distribution files. Quicksilver.asc is my PGP key for sig verification. When selecting files for download, choose the hightest version number available.

QS Lite keeps all its support files (mixmaster, gpg, eraser, etc) in it's home directory and is completely compatible and can co-exist with all other installations of QS, JBN, OM, Mixmaster, GPG, et al. It relies entirely on it's own included support libraries and programs.

Support is available via 'support' at this site.


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