QuickSilver Lite
 Installing on LINUX/WINE

QSL requires WINE in order to run on LINUX. WINE is a complicated program with it's share of problems. The most recent versions of WINE are incompatible with recent versions of OpenSSL. The problem manifests itself by informing the user that 'libeay32.dll could not be loaded.'  This complicates the install a little but you may still be able to use QSL.

IMPORTANT: You need to install QSL from the ZIP distribution rather than the EXE version. I give 2 installation methods below. Try the first and if it fails, delete all files and try the second. Do NOT install to the  'c:\Program Files\' directory. My version of WINE is: wine-1.0.1-174-gc4039bd, and it requires install method 2—but it does work.

The files you want are: QSLite-1.1.4.
zip, and QSLite-1.1.4.zip.sig

Install Method 1:

If this install results in the 'libeay32.dll' error, then delete ALL files in the QSL directory and try method 2. You must start with an empty directory.

Install Method 2:

Do NOT run QSL before you unzip the openssl files. If you do that it will fail for sure. Delete all files and start again. You'll know when you get it right.

If you do the install correctly, this still may fail. I've had 3 where it worked and 1 where it didn't, so far. If you can't get it working using method 2, I'm sorry. The problem is between WINE and OpenSSL. I have no control over this and unfortunately I can't fix it. If you can get an earlier version of WINE, that's your best option.

If this works for you, don't upgrade your WINE in the future. Stay with what works. You'll need to add the openssl files to the QSL directory, each time you Update QSL.

ERASER: I have discussed using QSL\WINE with the author of Eraser, the product that QSL uses to wipe files so they can't be restored. He believes, like me, that file wiping on LINUX is likely not working, or at least, not working as it should. I wanted you to know. QSL doesn't use temporary files that need wiping. Encryption/Decryption are done 100% in memory. If your QSL is NOT in Secure Mode, and you set Secure Mode, the existing unencrypted datafile, qs.db, will be wiped.

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